Solar PV Energy

Through our Solar PV partners our goal is simple.

To work with our clients not just to install a system, get paid and move on but to continue to monitor and ensure you are getting the best output from your system and return on your investment.

  • Fully Managed Turn Key Solutions
  • Unparalleled Size and Pricing Modelling
  • Unrivalled Live Reporting Of Actual Solar Generated
  • Fully Maintained System – Warranty Protection
  • 10 Year Performance Guarantee

From our initial consultation we can provide you with detailed production and financial modelling to ensure we are providing you with the most suitable system that will meet your requirements into the future. We provide full project management for the installation and ongoing reporting. Our pro-active reporting software enables us to constantly monitor the generation of each individual panel. This allows us to easily identify and replace faulty or underperforming panels to ensure your system is always working at maximum generation capacity.

Over the years we have seen many proposals from various solar companies, and yes most of the time the facts and figures just don’t add up. Dependent on the installation most businesses have no idea on how much power the Solar Panels are producing. They only know what power they have used from the grid and what they have exported back into the grid.

We provide our customers with reports with grid energy used, exported electricity and what the solar system has generated.

We also compare what our solar production predictions were vs what actually was generated, giving our customers real feedback on their return on investment.

Before you make any decision on your solar PV installation make sure you talk to us first.