Network Tariff Optimisation

Many businesses believe they can only negotiate the Energy Rate on their contract, but this generally only represents half your total bill!

So what about your network charges. Yes it is true that these costs are passed through from the Electricity and Gas Retailers and are approved by the Australian Energy Regulator – AER on an annual basis. Dependent on which state your site is located new charges are released every Jan or July.

  • Reduce Your Network / Distribution Charges
  • Between 40-60% Of Your Electricity Bill are Network / Distributions Charges
  • Get your business on the right tariff and save
  • Demand Reviews
  • Lodgement Of Demand Resets / Tariff Changes

The network / distribution companies are monopolies running and maintaining supply to your property. They generally look after a region, so for example In Victoria there are 5 separate companies delivering energy to your business. Each network / distribution company have multiple different tariffs for residential, business, commercial and industrial customers.

So how can we help? Our first step is to see if your business is on the correct tariff. Often we find businesses on the incorrect tariff costing them $10,000’s per Annum. Through our network tariff optimization software we can determine if your business would benefit by selecting an alternative tariff. This is a very complex process. If it is determined there is a case to lodge a tariff change we will lodge with your energy retailer / distribution company with our supporting evidence. For example your business may be on a time of use tariff, however, by moving your business to a demand tariff could be beneficial. We would not recommend anyone without in depth knowledge into network tariffs complete this process. By selecting the wrong tariff could end up costing your business a substantial amount of money with no recourse.

Demand Reviews

Due to the size of our clients, many of them are on large demand type tariff either being charged by KW or KVA. In Victoria and South Australia there are many distribution companies that will charge you for your highest demand for a period of time. Through our analytical software we have been successfully able to apply for demand resets saving our customers.