LED Lighting

Through our LED lighting partners we are able to achieve not only great savings, energy efficiency lighting solutions, but creating brilliant lighting outputs for all situations.

Whether you are looking at upgrading lighting in a factory, office or retail outlet we have a solution for you.

  • Professional Lighting Consultants
  • Quality Products With Great Performance Outcomes
  • Fully Managed Service Design To Commissioning
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Great Return On Investment

Our approach like everything we do goes against the grain of the industry. We are not about just coming and replacing your existing globes with LED’s, but rather putting a solution together that really meets your individual needs. Our lighting consultants are experts in making sure you get the right solution that will enhance the look and feel in any environment. From initial tracking of your existing lighting circuit’s usage, we are able to provide a real return on investment from your purchase. It’s not about counting the lights, calculating an “average” industry usage and then throwing a dart at the ROI. Too often we find 1 page proposals with no substance or credibility which leads to businesses make what they believe is a good investment only to find out they have made a decision based on falsehoods.

In an ever evolving lighting market place, it is important for us to build long term business relationships with all our customers to ensure we are providing them with products and services which will actually benefit and meet their individual needs.