Energy Contract Negotiation

The benefits of using a broker will be substantial to your business in many ways.

We take the pain away from trying to negotiate electricity and gas contracts – Australia Wide.

Contract Negotiation
  • 100% Independent
  • NO Commissions – Increased Retailer Participation
  • Best Prices Guaranteed
  • Site Energy Profiling – Ensuring Best Results
  • Tender Lodgement
  • Simplified Evaluation Of Tender Results
  • Advice On Risks
  • YOU Choose Who You Would To Proceed With
  • COMPLETE Management Of Retailer Transfers
Contract Management
  • Bill Validation Services
  • Monitoring Network Charges
  • Monitoring Plant Efficiencies (Power Factor)
  • Constant Monitoring Of Energy Markets
  • Advice On Optimum Time To Go To Market
  • Account And Dispute Management
  • Monthly Newsletter On State Of Energy Markets

By the very nature of what we do, our buying power and industry knowledge is immense. The energy retailers respect what we do and the value we bring to their business. In return we secure the very best pricing because of the volume of business we expose the energy retailers to every day.

Trying to negotiate an electricity or gas contract for your business can be very time consuming and confusing as all retailers present their offers in different formats along with additional charges. We negotiate with over 20 retailers nationally so you can be guaranteed to receive the best pricing in the market place at that particular time and we present the offers to you in a format you will understand.

Are you going to market at the right time? This is a mistake many people make. It is like buying shares on the stock market when the market is at its peak, not a good investment decision. With over 10 years’ experience since the energy markets deregulation, we have advised our clients as to the most beneficial time to go to market and have produced significant savings.

There are many more reasons why you should use a energy broker, call us today and let us help you get the best deal for your business.

We are extremely transparent in our approach when negotiating your energy contracts. We can GUARANTEE YOU THE BEST PRICES based on the following credentials. Firstly we do not receive any commissions from energy retailers. This means ALL retailers know they are all on an even playing field. Secondly not all retailers pay commissions so too often we see businesses not getting the best deal because their energy broker has recommended only the retailers that pay commissions. Thirdly we provide you with all the retailer offers and you decide who you would like to proceed with. Don’t be fooled by cowboy operators who are trying to make a quick dollar at your expense.